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 Victron Energy Services

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PostSubject: Victron Energy Services   Victron Energy Services I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 30, 2011 2:02 pm

Victron Energy, Inc. has established its empire in Waxahachie of Texas. They are today the largest Exxon Distributors in the United States. Excellent and timely service to the customer is the key to their success.
Victron Energy Services include fuel distribution, store and franchise, expansion assistance and commercial and industrial fuel services. The various sites of Victron Energy located in the State of Texas which are either independent or company owned have fuel contracts implemented. This helps them to govern the distribution process. They have a number of contracts with many reliable and reputable fuel transportation carriers. This helps them to ensure timely and efficient product delivery to all their customers round the clock. They are meticulously focused on customer service. Victron Energy gives top priority to worry free and dependable service. This leads to better customer satisfaction.
The safety norms followed by the company are passing DOT safety ratings, comprehensive incident plans and contingency programs. They also have a modern and well maintained fleet. The company’s professionalism is also remarkable. They follow rules which include signatures required on deliveries, etc. The drivers are trained in customer service and safety. They are also courteous and conscious of peak hours. Their accuracy is seen in timely deliveries, electronic fuel inventory monitoring and electronic fuel inventory readings.
The CEO and President of the company, ali sharaf, has helped increase the annual sales to about three hundred million gallons. He purchased H&H Oil Co., Inc., which was a premier Exxon Fuel Distributor, in 1997. In 2006, he changed the name of the company to Victron Energy, which today leads the fuel distribution.
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Victron Energy Services
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